Saturday, 11 July 2015

~ serein ~ photo competition..

I have decided to hold a photo competition on ~serein~ this includes the ground level and the club..

* photos must be posted in the flickr group/s to be considered
* adult/nude photos can be submitted however they must remain tasteful
* if you wish to rez items you must join group, small fee applies, and please clean up afterwards
* slurl to be included with flickr post
* sl legacy name to be included with flickr post
* ~serein~ is an adult sim

There are teleporters and paths around the ground level, but there are many more places to explore and discover.. i hope you enjoy..

i look forward to seeing all the wonderful images..

important links ~

serein slurl
serein club slurl
serein flickr group
serein club flickr group
inworld group ~ secondlife:///app/group/51c06620-690a-1be0-8a8e-0361faf94619/about

good luck

♥ raven xx

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